My friends and I meet at a local coffee shop, the Whistle Stop Cafe, each morning for coffee and conversation. We spend a lot of our time laughing and just poking fun at each other. Always being friendly is the best why to have a lot of friends.

All the guys are my age (68) or older and I’m the only one with a smart phone, so each day someone wants me to look something up on the Internet.

I do have another group of friends who are triathletes or training to be one. This morning I didn’t want to ride my bike to the YMCA in the snow (19 degrees) for swim training at 4:30am, so Paul, my training buddy, picked me up on his way to the Y and then dropped me off at the Whistle Stop on his way to work. Friends are great, aren’t they?

BJ Gallagher has put the wonders of friendship into a book full of original poems and quotes all about friendship. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words how much our friends mean to us. Friends comfort us in our times of need, celebrate our triumphs, laugh with us, forgive us and love us. Luckily you don’t have to come up with the words! You can use the words BJ Gallagher put together for you in the below movie.


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