What’s the Big Idea?

How about a ten point plan to reduce unemployment in a big way.

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Here is a test question. Which political party was responsible for the 100,000 plus workers who lost their jobs building carburetors? And of course the answer is neither, it was fuel injection. A new technology. I believe technology plays a larger role in the loss of jobs than either political party and conversely the creation of new jobs. Sure some regulations or lack of certain regulations may play a part, but it’s technology.

Remember the movie, The Graduate, when Mr. McQuire tells the movie’s main character, Ben Braddock, that there is “a great future in plastics”. Well, that is what needs to be said today about technology, that there is “a great future in technology”. Technology and owning your own business where technology plays a large role.

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In any event, don’t wait until technology does away with your job, look towards technology as your friend and use it to set you free from the uncertain world of politics. Nobody cares more about you than you, so don’t wait, take charge right now.

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